You are currently viewing YouTube – Quick Crops for a Coronavirus Garden

YouTube – Quick Crops for a Coronavirus Garden

Inquiring minds want to know,  “What quick crops can I grow right now to harvest during lockdown?” We put together this video to answer that very question. Our latest post shares quick-growing crops you can start harvesting in the next month, and adds to the list with crops that mature in 2 months as well. We’ve even included veggies to plant now (in warm-winter gardens) for later this summer, when supplies will be hard to come by.

Quick Crops for Your Coronavirus Garden

Find quick crops to grow right now for lockdown


Learn everything about organic vegetable gardening, from choosing the ideal location to cooking your harvest in Gardening for Geeks. This updated version of Christy’s 2013 book includes 6 new plant profiles, and updated terminology and resources.

ICYMI – Coronavirus and Self Relianceour recent blog post on how to start seeds and prep beds for your garden right away.

Growing Kale – check out this blog post on how to grow kale (and keep it from bugs)

Growing Lettuces – as the weather warms up, your lettuces extra help. This newsletter will guide you toward success.

Growing Peas Get specifics on how to grow peas (snow, sugar snap or shelling) this spring.

Growing Swiss chard – grow this beautiful nutritious vegetable in your garden for up to a year or so of production.

Get seeds for brightly colored Swiss chard at Seed Savers Exchange.

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  1. Karen Moore

    Wonderful video, Christy! Super helpful and inspiring! thank you!

  2. Irene Hirose

    What soil dressing/mulch is in your Swiss chard photo? Where can I purchase it?

    1. Christy

      Unfortunately that mulch is free shredded biomass that my community garden receives from the city, so there’s nowhere to buy it.

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