You are currently viewing Podcast: Health and Gardening with Jeff Pierce

Podcast: Health and Gardening with Jeff Pierce

This week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast we’re chatting with Jeff Pierce, an urban homesteader in Sonoma County, California. Jeff and his wife raise bees, veggies, fruits, and mushrooms.

Jeff is also a medical doctor who incorporates his love of growing food into his practice, teaching plant-based wellness concepts to his clients. We chat about health and gardening in today’s episode.

Jeff Pierce
Jeff Pierce with his impressive Tithonia flowers, sweet potatoes, and Tree kale at his Northern California homestead

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What is Jabuticaba? Feast your eyes on this crazy tree that makes fruit on its trunk.

Also, Babaco? It’s a papaya with edges! Check this out.

Visit Plant Based TeleHealth to find doctors who work in your state.

Blue zones? Find out more on Dan Buettner’s site

Grow some of the plants Jeff suggested:

Scarlet Runner Beans, kale, potatoes, Chard, Collards, Sprouts – and the Black Magic kale Christy mentioned

Jeff also mentioned growing a mini fruit garden. Just sayin’…we’ve got the book for that.

Listening to this podcast gives you all the reasons you need to grow your own food.

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