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Organic Edible Garden Design

Roybal Starter Garden

“We love our new little garden. Our kids, who helped plant everything, rush out first thing in the morning to see what new developments happened overnight. We look forward to growing and feasting on our healthy bounty. Thanks, Christy for an eye opening and suspenseful adventure!”
Roybal garden, Larchmont, CA


“It was such a pleasure working with Christy and her team all the way from inception of design through to the build and installation. Christy was able to translate what I was looking for into a functional and low maintenance garden that looks great. Her crew was an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Jared Hendler, Mar Vista, CA.

The drought has encouraged the homeowner to get rid of the lawn. This is the sunniest part of the yard, the future location of our veggie garden.
The new raised beds are still in a little bit of shade, but in the sunniest part of the yard. Surrounded by fruit trees and native plants.

“We are so delighted by our new garden— it’s now ecologically friendly, a dream of an urban mini-farm, and beautiful. Christy and her team are a pleasure to work with. We recommend Gardenerd wholeheartedly!”
Anthony Elman & Miriyam Glazer, Los Angeles, CA.


“Thank you [Gardenerd] for our fantastic Venice garden. Your unique design was perfect for our space, and your expertise in soil, fertilizer and irrigation resulted in a bounty of veggies that exceeded our expectations! We are so happy we worked with you.”
Jaime and John Surenkamp, Venice Beach, CA


“I’ve tried and failed many times to start and sustain a kitchen garden. By hiring Gardenerd, I not only got a turnkey kitchen garden installed, but also a kitchen garden that is still thriving and perfectly maintained. Christy checks on the garden quarterly & communicates with my regular gardener regarding ongoing maintenance issues. Having fresh herbs and greens available makes cooking so much easier and I am so delighted to have figured a way around my longstanding brown thumb.”
Susanne Meline, Santa Monica, CA

“Gardenerd brought our vision of a productive food garden to life. Christy designed a beautiful space and helped us choose and nurture robust plants. Growing food is one of the best things we can do to create more sustainable lives. Having professional expertise like Christy’s makes a huge difference.”
Chris Paine, Director of Who Killed the Electric Car


 “Gardenerd made a seemingly daunting task very straight forward and enjoyable. Now we have an edible garden steps away from our kitchen. Our whole family participates and benefits from home grown produce.”
Mimi Haddon, Los Angeles, CA


Murray Garden


“You have helped me to plant a garden. There can be no bigger thing.”
Tommy Rosen, Founder of Eco Gift Festival, Venice, CA

“Honestly, my front yard raised bed garden is more of a political statement than a hobby or food source. But I did enjoy my hundreds of tomatoes this summer; and even if the celery doesn’t make it, I can feel righteous with my water-guzzling neighbors.”
Sandy Young, Los Angeles, CA


“Thank you so much for our wonderful garden! We all love it – the kids are so excited!”
Tracy Miller, Los Angeles, CA

Yee Garden

A. Yee, Los Angeles, CA


 “I wanted an organic garden and Gardenerd helped me beyond my dreams!”
Becky Ewing, Torrance, CA

Brookman patio


“The garden is the beautiful focal point as one enters the property. Now my six year old picks a few strawberries as she gets home from school. To have an array of fruits and vegetable at your finger tips is a convenience and a blessing. Thank you Christy!”
Shalane Respondek
Malibu, CA


  ”The front yard was a disaster and now has an interesting architectural and functional presence.   The garden has also been part of a bigger transition in the way we have been eating, not only in foodstuffs from the garden, but with a shift overall in a more organic, somewhat less meat and smaller amount approach to food.”
Joe Winship, Manhattan Beach

“I wanted a vegetable garden and had the enthusiasm to do it myself, but I didn’t know where to start. Gardenerd helped me layout my new garden and make the right choices with soil, plants and fertilizers. I’m so proud of my garden!”
Jane Wyler, Pacific Palisades

Carmichael Garden - Before
Carmichael Garden- After

“Not only can I absolutely taste and feel the difference when I eat the fresh herbs and vegetables from my garden, but also I get the incredible grounding and meditative effects of working with the earth in my own backyard here in Los Angeles… Joy.”
Jesse Carmichael, Los Angeles, CA

Bieber Garden Finished

 L. Bieber, Studio City, CA


 “Christy loves gardening, the work process, and really cares. She’s very professional and fun to work with too. I can definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start an organic garden.”
M. Place, Cheviot Hills, CA


“We bought our house three years ago and the front and back yard had been neglected. I knew what I wanted: a garden that was ecological, edible and grandchild-friendly. Christy wasn’t coming in with her own agenda, but was there to offer her strengths and expertise to help me realize my vision. She was very flexible, adaptable and collaborative. All of our friends were impressed with the results and I have referred them all to Christy.”
C. Sowder, El Sereno, Ca

Kaplan Before
Kaplan garden grown1

“I knew I could have a terrific vegetable garden at my home but nothing worked until I found Christy. Now it just gets better, I haven’t had to buy lettuce all spring, tomato bushes are full of fruit, peppers are ripening and the cucumbers were just sprouting. And if I have questions, she always answers promptly and full of suggestions and solutions. I couldn’t do better.”
Sue Kaplan, Venice Beach, CA


My experience with Christy and Gardenerd was EXACTLY what I wanted–honest, timely, patient, collaborative, focused and affordable! It was important for me to be intimately involved with the garden re-design process and Christy made that happen every step of the way! The contractor and landscape company she recommended were also 1st rate — even my neighbors commented on how hardworking, nice, polite and quiet they were! Christy is the consummate professional with a great capacity for converting her client’s ideas/wishes into computer designs and, ultimately, into a beautiful, tranquil, native, drought-tolerant oasis! She is not only a very precise, organized business woman, but she is also a brilliant, accessible (and NEVER aloof nor flaky) artist/designer. Thanks to Christy and Gardenerd, we–two-leggeds and four-leggeds alike–will enjoy and use our newly transformed “outdoor rooms” for years to come!
C. Landes, Culver City, CA

Grass and foliage take up the sunniest spot in the garden.
The sun sets on our planting day.

“I have always wanted my very own garden and orchard and Christy at Gardenerd made my dreams come true. Christy listened carefully to everything I wanted and translated my desires into a garden and mini orchard that fits beautifully with the style of my backyard. Working with Christy and her crews was hassle free….very reliable and well organized. A delightful experience!”
Lisa Siegel, Sherman Oaks, CA

The homeowners didn't like their brick pathway and wanted more native plants in their lives.
Two new veggie beds surrounded by natives and colorful drought tolerant plants.

“This was a huge project but we were ready for a change that would benefit the environment. Gardenerd made the process easy and watching the transformation was exciting. We love our new landscape and are rewarded knowing our garden reduces water consumption, allows native plants and animals to thrive and provides us with a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. We are so glad we made this change.”
Linda Glaser, Los Angeles, CA

Schulman before
Schulman after

“We were determined to take advantage of the turf removal rebate, not only to replace the grass in our front yard, but also to cut a sensible path to our front door. From choosing the flagstone and other materials to working with her extremely professional and responsive team, we felt completely supported in this venture. We no longer have inefficient sprinklers, but rather more sensible drip irrigation. We can’t believe this beautiful new landscape is ours. Thank you Christy and team!”
Schulman Family, Los Angeles, CA

The homeowners didn't like their brick pathway and wanted more native plants in their lives.
Two new veggie beds surrounded by natives and colorful drought tolerant plants.

“My husband and I hesitated to hire a garden consultant for something we thought we could do ourselves. But now we realize how much time and money Christy saved us. We could have surfed the internet for hours upon hours and spoken to workers at multiple hardware/garden stores, and we still wouldn’t have learned as much as we did with her. Since Christy also knows what and where to buy, we also got a great deal on the supplies.”
Ancheta Family, Manhattan Beach, CA

The homeowner recently remodeled the property and left a blank canvas for a new vegetable garden.
The finished garden, just planted with the homeowner.

“Thank you, Christy, for helping me design and build my raised bed garden. Not only was your whole team fantastic, professional and clean, but because of your expert guidance I know my garden will be full for years to come. Plus it’s beautiful to look at. I can’t tell you how excited I am!”
N. Perry, Sherman Oaks


“I might be a formally trained horticulturist, but I think you by far have more knowledge than me… I have gotten some great info from you. [In addition to] what I have been taught, you have been able to give me a real perspective on things, and plus you are a joy to be around.”
– Chantal S., Mar Vista, CA

“I learned things I didn’t know even though I’ve been gardening for a while.”
– Amy L., Los Angeles, CA

“I found the mix of lecture, video and hands-on instruction to be a great mix. You’ve definitely motivated me to learn more & explore other resources.”

“Awesome class! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.”
– 1 round attendee

“Deeply nurturing — like the needy soil, my needy soul has been nourished.”
– Margery K., Los Angeles, CA


“Christy is extremely knowledgeable – a technician of organic vegetable gardening – and a wonderful teacher. Her high energy and good spirit encouraged everyone in my group to get in and give a helping hand in my garden. I look forward to our “growing” relationship!”
– Felice Willat, Topanga, CA

“I had a great consult with Christy. We haven’t had a chance to implement her plans yet (as its only been a few days), but I have utmost confidence and a renewed excitement about our garden. She gave us a clear direction on soil conditioning, changing our watering routines and year-round planting plans, all in plain English. We’ve got some digging to do, but can’t wait to have a crop of fresh goodness coming up soon.”
– Jamie M, Westchester, CA Website

“You are a wealth of info and I’m glad I found your blog!”
– Greg H., San Pedro, CA.

“You are truly an amazing source of knowledge!!!”
– FH, Los Angeles, CA

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