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Summer pruning for fruit trees

YouTube: Summer Pruning – What is It and Why Do It?

Our latest YouTube video walks you through the process of summer pruning. What is it and how do you summer prune? We break it down for you.

Summer pruning is an important part of fruit tree care. It helps you manage the size of your fruit trees, which is absolutely crucial when growing a mini fruit garden. Watch and make plans to summer prune your trees.

Summer Pruning – What is It and Why Do It?

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Tall avocado trees laden with fruit, out of reach in more ways than one.


Find our video on the basics of pruning trees here

Need to prune your citrus after harvest? Watch this video.

Listen to our podcast with Tom Spellman, a big advocate for summer pruning.

And of course, find more great tips in Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden

navel oranges
Prune citrus after you’ve harvested but before it starts flowering again. Hint: you might need to do a bulk harvest to create that window.

Don’t be afraid to prune your fruit trees in dry conditions this summer after harvest is done. It will keep your trees small and manageable in the coming years.

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