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  1. July/August in the Garden
  2. Summer Gardening Videos
  3. Gardenerd Tip of the Month: Growing Lettuce in Hot Weather
  4. Gardenerd Product of the Month: 400+ Tips for Organic Gardening Success

1. July/August in the Garden

Can you believe it’s almost August? The first Back-To-School ad showed up in the mail the other day. That feels so wrong. I’m just settling into summer and all the garden has to offer. Let’s not rush ahead, shall we? That said, for those who live where fall comes quickly, it’s time to start seeds for fall crops.

In our test garden, rats continue to nibble on our tomatoes, but we’re harvesting daily to keep damage to a minimum (and still setting traps). We planted popping corn after our sweet corn finished up (yay for long summers!), and we’re training cucumbers up trellises. We pruned dead foliage off tomatoes this week, and fertilized with kelp emulsion. They need a little extra potassium to keep fruit production going this time of year.

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2. Summer Gardening Videos

It’s hot outside, so sit back and relax while you learn a thing or two from these recent gardening videos about summer gardening. We’ve got tips for keeping your plants happy this summer in Gardenerd’s first YouTube Live broadcast:

Summer Gardening – Heat and Harvesting

And, watch this interview with Christy on Mike the Gardener’s Vegetable Gardening Show, where he asks Christy about her favorite tips for summer gardening from her new book 400+ Tips for Organic Gardening Success.

3. Gardenerd Tip of the Month – Growing Lettuces in Hot Weather

Forellenschluss, Kwiek, 4 Seasons lettuces drink up the sun.

Lettuces and hot weather don’t usually mix, but a question from Denise makes us take a deeper look into growing lettuces in summer’s heat:

” I would like to grow different lettuces all year round but our 100 degree summers is not ideal growing condition. Would you have any suggestions on either varieties or how to make the environment more habitable. I was thinking of trying to grow some on my north facing front porch in pots. Do you think it might work before I spend any money trying?”

Shade & Shade Cloth

Shade will definitely be your friend when trying to grow lettuces in summer, Denise. Lettuces can grow in as little as 3-4 hours of sunlight per day, so your porch may be just the trick. If it doesn’t get any sunlight at all, however, lettuces will grow thin and spindly, so give them at least some sun. Which brings us to our second point…

Shade cloth is great for reducing the heat and intensity of the sun during summer. We drape shade cloth over supports around our lettuce patch to prevent lettuces from bolting to seed too early. It really does help!


Slow-bolt or heat-tolerant varieties are another great way to ensure success in the hot summer. Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply has a great list of options in each of the four lettuce categories:

Bibb  Buttercrunch, Summer Bibb, Summer Bibb Blend

Crisphead  Michelle

Leaf  Black Seeded Simpson, Green Salad Bowl, Red Deer Tongue

Romaine  Little Gem, Parris Island Cos

With shade, shade cloth and the right varieties, you’ll have success growing lettuce year-round.

4. Gardenerd Product of the Month – 400+ Tips for Organic Gardening Success

400+ Tips for Organic Gardening Success

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