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2010 Gardens of Gratitude

It’s almost time for the 2nd Annual Gardens of Gratitude event.  It takes place on April 24th and 25th, 2010 in Los Angeles, and if you have a space that you want to transform into a vegetable garden, this is your chance to get help from your community (not to mention compost, advice, and a chance to make new friends). 


Gardens of Gratitude is an effort to install 100 gardens in one weekend. A plethora of organizations, including Sustainable Works, The City of Santa Monica, Whole Foods, The Learning Garden, Armstrong Garden Centers, and have joined forces to help get these gardens growing.  As part of our commitment to the project, Gardenerd has offered to consult with a few registered gardeners who plan to install their garden on this auspicious weekend.

Also, if you want to help someone else install their garden, you can sign up to participate at the website: Gardens of Gratitude

They also include this handy list of resources for soil, amendments and such: List of Resources

So if you’ve been meaning to put in a garden, but just need a little extra motivation and help, sign up and be counted!

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