Harvesting Watermelons

Just in the nick of time, our watermelons are ready to harvest before summer ends. How do you know they're ready?  Consider this post to be a companion piece to our watermelon Tip of the Week Podcast, visual aid style, that illustrates the tell-tale sign that watermelon is ready for harvest.

There are old wives tales about the sound that watermelons are supposed to make when ripe. You can also look at the underside of the melon to check whether ...

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Harvesting Delicata and Acorn Squash

Since we planted squash very early this year (in order to get the plants established by the time June Gloom set in) we are already set to harvest some of our winter squash. Our Golden Pippin Acorn squash and most of our Delicata squash plants have withered, leaving behind golden fruits that will store through winter.

With pumpkins, it's easy to know when to harvest - just let the vines turn brown and crispy, then pick your pumpkin. Not all winter squash is that simple. For example, I've ...

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