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Compost is the most important ingredient in spring bed prep.

YouTube: Your Composting Questions Answered

We’ve received a slew of composting questions about how-to, how big, location, and even “what’s it supposed to look like when it’s done?” We decided to answer all of those questions in one video so you can start a compost bin right away.

Our latest YouTube video shares a quick list of browns and green (carbon and nitrogen), and takes you behind the scenes to our own composting operation so you can see compost in different stages of the process.

Your Composting Questions Answered

Learn about composting in this 10 minute video.


Watch a previous YouTube Live video about the ideal composting set up.

Get Gardening for Geeks for a complete list of browns and greens, and instructions for both cold and hot composting processes.

Sign our petition to bring back the BioStack compost bin

Find out how to make your own compost sifter here.

Listen to an informative podcast with Jessica Aldridge about what you can and can’t compost.

Compost is the most important ingredient in spring bed prep. Start composting today!

If you don’t have space to compost, start a worm bin! They only take up a couple square feet, want complete shade, and can digest your food scraps in exchange for nutrient-dense fertilizer for your garden. Learn about worm composting, or vermiculture, here.

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  1. Rick

    What about ants in the pile

    1. Christy

      I generally don’t worry about ants in the compost bin. They will be there while food scraps are fresh, but once the biomass breaks down the ants will usually vacate. Plus if you keep turning it, they won’t set up a nest. By the time the compost is ready to use they are usually gone.

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