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We'll have a few blood oranges this winter when these ripen.

Wordless Wednesday: Covid Summer

After four+ years of avoiding the plague, Covid finally caught up with me. My symptoms are mild (fully vaxed), but the side effects of Paxlovid are almost harder to deal with than the virus itself. Hopefully this will be over soon and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming. For now, here’s some inspiration to get you through whatever you are dealing with this first week of summer.


Painted serpent cucumbers growing in and climbing their trellis. We hope to see flowers soon.
Mystery volunteer squash under the corn patch looks like delicata, but could be spaghetti. We’ll see!
It’s time to pinch basil plants. Watch our video on how to do it.
Tomatoes are setting fruit – we planted late, but they are catching up.
Nectarines are growing larger. It will be a small harvest this year, but delicious nonetheless.
Our lettuces are showing signs of bolting in warm weather.
Newly planted parsley is getting established. We’ll throw shade cloth over these to keep them from bolting too soon.

End Times

It’s time to harvest poppy seeds from dried up flower seed pods.
Carrot flowers host hoverflies and parasitic wasps. Spot the hoverfly above the upper right edge of the umbel flower
The second floor and rooftop deck are going up on the monstrosity next door. For perspective, the corn is about 6-feet tall and the tree kale is about 10 feet tall right now. It’s worse than a Covid summer in that it isn’t going away any time soon.

But let’s not end there…

Yarrow is flowering this summer, brightening the front yard.

Whether you are having a Covid summer or the time of your life, enjoy the great outdoors while you can. We’ll be thinking about fall planting before you know it. Hot days lay ahead, so keep cool and keep gardening.

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