Use the Harvest: Swiss Chard Pie

There is only so much room in the refrigerator, and Swiss Chard can take up a lot of that precious space. Those bright colorful stems usually have to "go away" in order to fit a batch of chard into the vegetable drawer (which is fine with me, since I don't care for the stems anyway). I recently found a recipe that uses up all that chard in a tasty pie that lasts for a few meals.

Whether you hate or love Martha Stewart, you have to admit that her empire comes up with ...

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Ask Gardenerd: Where to Find a Furrower?

We've been answering Ask Gardenerd questions on the sly lately, but this one seemed like it would benefit other gardenerds who love their tools:

"Can you suggest a good garden furrower? The old single wheel in front style?"

I don't have a garden big enough for a tiller/furrower so I don't have personal experience with one, but I noticed that most of the furrowers out there attach to giant monster tillers. Before we move on, a momentary side bar about tilling since we're on the subject: 

Tilling ...

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