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Angela Judd is our guest on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast.

Podcast: Container Gardening with Angela Judd

This week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast our guest is Angela Judd, a certified Master Gardener and mother of five. Angela shares gardening tips through her YouTube channel with nearly 250K subscribers, her blog, online classes, and her book How to Grow Your Own Food: An illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Container Gardening.

She gardens in Arizona, which automatically makes her a rockstar when it comes to gardening in difficult conditions. We chat about that, and how to grow in containers.

Angela Judd in her garden.

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Angela Judd’s garden


Visit Angela’s website, Growing in the Garden

And learn online with her Garden Academy

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Check our her planting calendars for hot dry climates, swag,

Get her book, How To Grow Your Own Food

Some of the varieties Angela mentions in the podcast:

Malibar spinach, Molokhai (Egyptian) spinach (hybrid), New Zealand spinach (cook first), Perpetual spinach (really a chard)

Basil Varieties Angela is testing:

Mirhani, Blue Spice, African nunum, Kapoor tulsi (holy basil), Purple Ball, Lettuce Leaf (AKA salad leaf – our favorite), Emerald Towers, Boxwood (Spicy globe). SO MANY to try!

Vertical gardens help form strategic shade opportunities in Angela’s garden

Do you live in a desert climate? Listen to this podcast for more tips on growing in hot weather.

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