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Hey gardenerds. Thank you for listening to the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast, whether you've been a devotee since the beginning, or you've just discovered us. Now it's time…

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New 2011 Fall FantaSeed Collection

As summer winds down, the excitement for fall crops is building. Not sure what to grow?  Gardenerd is here to help. We've picked out a special selection of veggies we have been dying to grow - and we're pretty jazzed about it.

Color is the name of the game this fall. Purples, yellows, reds and greens take the stage this fall to brighten up your garden. Check out this beautiful lineup for fall:

2011 Fall FantaSeed Collection

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Dream Garden Grows Up

I stopped by the Dream Center garden in downtown Los Angeles yesterday to see how things are growing in and I was delighted to see what has transpired since my last visit. It's all grown up!

Not only did the flagstone and decomposed granite get installed in the pathway, but the mulch had arrived (free from the City) and it was all in place.

Pathway complete, plants growing in. Happiness is a thriving garden!

Some of the tomatoes even had fruit set already: ...

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Venice Garden Tour 2011 Review

Every gardenerd needs to "fill the well" sometimes, to take in beauty and inspiration that will generate ideas for future gardening projects. Today was filled with sparks of gardening inspiration at the Venice Garden Tour. There were 31 houses on the tour, so we set out on foot to take them all in.

Venice Beach, for those who aren't familiar, is an eclectic town populated with artists, architects, landscape designers, and hippies. It was the epicenter of pushing the envelope in the 20s, where the world's first swimsuit competition was held. It's the ...

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Potash Deficiency

A new question dropped into the Ask Gardenerd inbox this week: 

"Lovin' [your] podcast since 2009!  My soil test recommends 15-0-15 for potash deficiency. Organic sources would be....what?  Wood ash, greensand, kelp meal?  Do you have preference?  I'm told wood ash (easiest and free) leaches out faster and has other elements too, ones I don't need to supplement like calcium and magnesium. Just wondering what you think..."

First of all - thanks for ...

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Gardenerd is Mar Vista’s Bounty Hunter

Gardenerd's Christy Wilhelmi became a columnist for Mar Vista Patch.com this week writing the weekly Farmer's Market report, Mar Vista's Bounty Hunter. If you love the Mar Vista Farmer's Market like we do, you can sign up on Patch.com to get the latest news about what's fresh at the Farmer's Market delivered right to your inbox.

This week's story is all about the strawberries. Even if you don't live in the Los Angeles area, you'll find some great tips about ...

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