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The stakes are a good length, enough to be seen among the flowers.

Review: iLive Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

The folks at iLive sent me their outdoor bluetooth speakers with removable stakes to test out last month. I’m a bit old-school, so it’s taken me a while to come to bluetooth. I still have a wired headset for my phone, as a matter of fact.

But the idea of being able to play music or a podcast while gardening, or sharing a playlist during a garden party sounded appealing. So we put these speakers to the test at Gardenerd HQ.

The box came packed with everything we needed.

Removable Stakes Makes Them Functional

The kit comes with stakes that easily insert into the base of the speaker. They just as easily push into the ground wherever you want to place them. We charged the speakers with the included cables before setting them up.

You can pair the speakers to each other for a stereo experience, and you can either play the radio, any streaming music from your paired device, or from a micro SD card. We paired the speakers to my desktop computer (for iTunes) to see if that would work. My computer is right by the backyard window, so that worked well…

…until you stand in front of the computer tower. Then it blocks the bluetooth. But as long as you stay out of the way, it works great! Still getting on board with bluetooth.

We “planted” our speakers among the calendula and poppies.

Oh, and I should mention that the speakers are solar powered, and weather proof. If you place them in a sunny location they will recharge on their own.

The speakers offered good quality sound, and were loud enough to be heard over talking, if you want that. Or low enough to serve as background noise while weeding. For our test, we kept things on the down low to not raise eyebrows with the neighbors.

We opted for an iconic album to test out the speakers.

Overall, I’d say these are a great value for their price. And I feel better knowing they are weather proof in case I forget about them outside.

So give these iLive outdoor bluetooth speakers a try. You can stream your favorite gardening podcast while you plant more tomatoes this spring and summer.

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