You are currently viewing YouTube: Letting Your Garden Go Fallow

YouTube: Letting Your Garden Go Fallow

There are a few reasons why it’s okay to let your garden go fallow. Our latest video explains why we did it this summer.

While it’s always best to keep soil covered and to plant cover crops year-round, sometimes it isn’t in the cards. Christy shares what she’s doing this summer and why she made that decision. Watch and feel better about yourself.

Letting Your Garden Go Fallow

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Dill going to seed. These umbels attract beneficial insects to the garden.


Try saving seeds from your garden this summer. It’s a great way to take advantage of free seeds, and volunteers for next season. Check out this newsletter for tips on saving onion seeds and other alliums and umbels.

Gopher Hawk – the gopher trap mentioned in the video. Finding the tunnel is the hardest part, but once you locate one, this trap works on smaller gophers.

Chicken Coop Cages – we keep the rodents and bunnies out with these cages. They work well for low-growing plants. We harvested every single cabbage from the winter garden without any damage to them.

Whether you let your garden go fallow or not this summer, enjoy the rest and all the results of your hard work. You deserve it.

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