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Podcast: Small-Holdings with Liz Zorab

This week our guest is Liz Zorab, author of Grounded: A Gardenerd’s Journey to Abundance & Self Sufficiency. She and her husband bought a barren stretch of land in the middle of agricultural territory and turned it into a Permaculture paradise called Byther Farm.

Liz was also dealing with illness during the time they took on this new project. She tackled tasks day by day, and eventually the food they grew nourished her and helped her heal.

Liz Zorab and her garden
Liz Zorab and her garden in Wales.

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Liz and her book Grounded.

Resources for Liz Zorab

Visit Byther Farm‘s website (and learn about the new Byther Farm as it develops)

Subscriber to Liz’s YouTube channel here and the channel for the new Byther Farm 2

Follow Liz on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and apply to join her private FB group – Friends of Liz Zorab

Get Grounded here

Byther Farm overhead
Byther Farm surrounded by barren agricultural land.
Liz and turkeys
Turkeys keep things interesting at Byther Farm.

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  1. Lennie

    A very enjoyable Pod Cast with lots of good tips.

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