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Pure Joy in the Garden

Recently I finished teaching another round of classes at Santa Monica College’s Continuing Education Program, during which the students planted a few seeds in plastic pots to take home with them.  They planted either carrots, green onions or radishes (small plants that would do well in 6″ pots).  They eagerly awaited for the first signs of sprouting and enthusiastically reported back in the third or fourth week of class, “I have carrot sprouts!”  I love seeing their excitement.

Every once in a while, my students send pictures of their gardens’ successes or failures.  This week a couple named Lisa and Burt sent photos of their radish harvest from our class.  They came out so beautifully, I had to share them here.










Radishes holding on to the soil with strong roots

In case you were wondering what pure joy looks like… here it is:










Burt with his freshly harvested radish.  So proud, and rightly so!

Burt and Lisa composed a final shot to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of their radish harvest.  We’ll call this “2 radishes on a metal bucket”.










Suitable for framing

Thanks, Burt and Lisa for sending in this success story.  Enjoy your salad.

Hey gardenerds out there, if you have some great harvest pictures from this year, send them our way. We’d love to see what’s coming out of your garden these days.

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  1. Crystal

    “2 radishes on a metal bucket”. Very artsy!

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