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Black Magic kale sprouts under grow lights.

Wordless Wednesday: Start Your Engines!

The time has come to plant your garden, whether indoors or out. Start seeds, amend soils, and bring dreams into reality this month. Soon you’ll taste the rewards of today’s toil. But it’s not really toil, it’s a labor of love. May this Wordless Wednesday inspire your gardening activities this week.

Barry's Crazy Cherry sprouts
Barry’s Crazy Cherry tomato sprouts under grow lights.
Black Magic kale sprouts
Black Magic kale sprouts under grow lights. It’s bred to be durable in hot weather.
cilantro bolting to seed
Winter volunteer cilantro begins to bolt to seed, attracting beneficial insects to the garden.
Potatoes harvested
Potatoes harvested from the winter garden, making room for squash plantings to come. Good news, you can grow them in spring too!
eggs 2019
Our first eggs from 4 of our 5 hens. Spring is definitely here.
Volunteer tomato
We relocated these volunteer tomatoes to a pot. We’ll see how they do.
Strawberry blossoms
Strawberries are waking up from dormancy.
Loquat ripening
Loquats are ripening as the days grow longer.
Borage and nasturtiums
Volunteer Borage and Nasturtiums provide habitat, pollen and nectar for beneficial insects.
Root veggies
Parsnips and black radishes are still growing as winter comes to a close. You can grow these in spring if you have cool temperatures.

As the days grow longer and temperatures warm up (and #Februburied comes to an end), throw out wildflower seeds, turn your compost pile, and make way for spring.

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  1. Lisa

    Beautiful. Much of your planting season seems similar to us in Houston.

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