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Hello Garden

Gardenerdiness seems to be a theme this week.  Why fight it?  This is just too darn cute to pass up…

So I was at my brother’s house visiting my niece, when my sister-in-law and I got to talking about gardening.  She’s been into gardening for awhile and says the “h” in “herbs” because she’s Welsh.  There’s a long history of formal gardening in Great Britain, so you might imagine my sister-in-law to be pretty straight laced and formal because of that.  The truth is, I don’t know many straight-laced Welsh gardeners with fire-engine red hair and chunky black leather Doc Martin’s that lace up to the knee.

When I met her, she had green and purple hair, a lip ring and sparkly green fingernail polish on.  Even though we’re all a little older now, and the lip ring has vanished, and I wear my “death rocker” on the inside, she’s still totally my people.

The other odd twist to all of this is that my sister-in-law loves Hello Kitty.  We both hate pink (in fact, I don’t even allow pink flowers in my garden if I can help it), but somehow Hello Kitty crosses that boundary.  It’s cute.  It’s even cuter when it’s on gardening stuff for your niece.  Feast your eyes – or roll your eyes – depending on how you feel about Hello Kitty:








There’s something about a lime green metal watering can and pink gingham, kid-sized gardening gloves with Hello Kitty on them.  They both go really well with the head of lettuce I brought from the garden that day.  I couldn’t resist sharing this with my fellow gardenerds.  Perhaps some of you have a passion for something like this?  Fess up if you dare.

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