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Magenta tree spinach (Chenopodium giganteum) spotted at the Santa Monica Main Street Community Garden. It's both edible and beautiful!

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Delights

Spring delights are already abundant here in Los Angeles. Step outside and you’re greeted with the fragrance of wisteria overhead, or the wild Painted Lady butterfly migration all around. Loquats are ripening, artichokes are sending up buds, and the SuperBloom is showcasing southern California like never before. Here are some photos to inspire you on the first day of spring.

Loquats are ready
Loquats are ready! These delicate fruits don’t store or ship well, so grow your own!
Wisteria blooms
Wisteria buds open, scenting the air with sweetness.
Spanish Black Radishes
Spanish Black winter radishes are ready to harvest.
Jasmine flowers bloom
Jasmine flowers take the stage with their glorious fragrance.
Winnetka Purple artichokes
Winnetka Purple artichokes are the first to arrive in our test garden.
Kale bolting to seed
Fizz Kale begins to bolt to seed.
New bird feeder
We installed a bird feeder to help distract birds away from our chicken’s feed. Now if the birds would just come back…
Red fife wheat
Our Red Fife wheat is finally showing up. Can’t wait to mill this and make bread in a few months.
Tree spinach
Magenta tree spinach (Chenopodium giganteum) spotted at the Santa Monica Main Street Community Garden. It’s both edible and beautiful!

Spring is here!

Get out there and plant something. The time is now. If you need help planning your spring garden, join in one of our two Spring Garden Planning Workshops. Join in our Composting Workshop too!

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  1. Francesca

    Such beautiful spring photos! Seeing the first few signs of spring is always so exciting. Sometimes they can be hard to notice, but if you’re looking for spring you can usually find it. Lovely shot of wisteria!

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