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Wordless Wednesday: National Gardening Day

Happy National Gardening Day, gardenerds! It’s full-blown gardening season here in Southern California, and so far it has not disappointed us. While other parts of the country are still under snow (sorry, guys) we’re watching plants set fruit and flowers bloom. Here’s some inspiration to get you out in the garden (did someone say Ditch Day?). 

Oh, hey, and if you happen to be near a TV today, April 14th, 2021 at 11:45 PDT, tune in to KTLA for a quick 4 1/2 minute segment celebrating National Gardening Day. I’ll be sharing tips for beginners ever so briefly. If that doesn’t get you in the mood, maybe these photos will:

Blooming and Sprouting

Wistaria bloom
Wistaria (technically the correct spelling, folks) is back in action after a massive pruning. We had to cut it down to replace the pergola upon which it grows, but it’s already grown back (check out the other wistaria at the far right of the photo).
Basil sprouts
Purple opal and Cameo basil are sprouting in pots. We planted the seeds right under the holes in the drip irrigation. Cameo is a new variety from Renee’s Garden Seeds that we are testing out.
Sweet peas
Sweet peas are showing off as they grow through a tomato cage in a container. Perfect for cutting to bring spring indoors.
Sage in bloom
Container sage is blooming. Time to cook up for brown butter sage sauce for ….anything.
Blackberries wordless wednesday
Blackberries are back (and so are the runners). Flowers and fruit are happening.
Squash Sweet Meat
Giving Sweet Meat squash one more try this year. Last year it didn’t do well, but we’re hopeful for 2021.

Fruiting and Stuff

potatoes wordless wednesday
4 types of potatoes from Wood Prairie Farms have popped up. We’re growing Caribou russet, All Blue, Adirondack Red, and Yukon Gold.
Strawberries in Greenstalk
Our strawberries are turning colors in our vertical Greenstalk garden. Want one? use our discount code at checkout: GSGARDENERD
purple artichokes
Our purple artichokes have made their presence known.

Randomness in the Garden

Volunteer mystery squash and tomato
We are big fans of volunteers. This mystery squash and tomato are going to reveal themselves in a month or so.
voluteer cherry tomato
Our volunteer yellow cherry from last year keeps going. First to produce!
Squirrels and loquats
Squirrels and loquats do not mix. They won.
celery umbel
The celery and parsley from winter is bolting to seed. Beneficial insects love it.

Enjoy National Gardening Day in the garden as the seasons transform from winter to spring, or from spring to summer (like here). Breath deep and savor the moments. This is nature’s best show.

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