You are currently viewing YouTube: How To Harvest Potatoes In Raised Beds

YouTube: How To Harvest Potatoes In Raised Beds

Our latest YouTube video shows you how to harvest potatoes in raised beds. It also walks you through the process of curing them for storage, so they’ll last longer.

Christy shares her tips for growing potatoes and the excitement and joy that comes from it. Grow potatoes this spring to experience what it’s like to dig for buried treasure.

How to Harvest Potatoes in Raised Beds

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All-blue, russet and red potatoes are jewels from the garden.


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Discover our favorite organic seed potato vendor for the home gardener here. Choose your 4 favorites (we like to pick early, mid-season, and late varieties in all colors) and plant them once they sprout.

Another great resource for buying certified disease-free seed potatoes is here.

potato harvest
Four types of potatoes are ready to eat. We cured them on newspaper in the dark garage for a few weeks, then dusted them off for storage.

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