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New small-space urban garden design in Santa Monica, CA.

Design: Orderly Small-Space Urban Garden

This past winter we installed a new small-space urban garden in place of a lawn in Santa Monica, CA. The homeowner wanted to grow some veggies, but had a certain look in mind. The new garden needed to be orderly and reflect the aesthetic of the home and its owners.

Out with the Old

Out with the Old: A grassy patch that wasn’t being used for kids or pets. Time for a productive veggie garden!

We removed the lawn, leveled the soil, and added a new hose bib nearby for additional watering.

We choose cedar beds with a decorative trim, and placed them symmetrically for easy access. Then we added gravel to match the rest of the landscaping, and used the existing irrigation valve (formerly for the grass) converted to drip irrigation in each bed.

The Design

Peas, brassicas, root veggies, and salad greens will keep them in fresh produce for the spring.

Then came planting day! We always plant with our clients to help them get invested in what they are growing. It also helps reduce fear and acquaints them with their new plants.

We planted lettuces and other salad greens, herbs, brassicas and radishes. When these crops are done, we’ll switch to tomatoes and other hot-season crops.

On planting day! We held off on planting peas until the trellis arrived. That was the homeowner’s homework.

The clean look gives the homeowner a place to visit after a day’s work. The joy of tending the garden and harvesting salad greens. They recently sent a photo of the lettuces and spinach grown in. It’s harvest time already!

The family is enjoying the harvest and watching their garden grow. With good soil and durable raised beds as the foundation, this small-space urban garden will continue to provide for the family for years to come.

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  1. Diana

    What size boxes are those?

    1. Christy

      They are 2×4 beds that are 22″ tall.

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