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Bees and flowers go together like...well...a perfect partnership.

Wordless Wednesday: After the Rain

We’ve been blessed with another rainy year here in Los Angeles. Folks complain, but I love it. In truth, our aquifers still need it. 32% of CA wells are below normal levels even after the rain we’ve had. So this post celebrates the bounty of rain, and hopes for more to come.

Here’s some inspiration for your spring garden after the rain. It’s past last frost for more than half the country now. Let’s get planting!

Flowers Galore

Mustard has gone to flower. The bees love it. The plant is about 8 feet tall right now.
Ornamental poppies are starting to show signs of life. Soon they will bloom.
Our volunteer stone fruit is flowering in abundance. We’ll see what kind of fruit it gives this year.
Our own personal superbloom at Gardenerd HQ.
A hoverfly (top edge of flower) settles onto a cilantro flower. We love leaving umbels to flower to attract these beneficial insects.
The trumpet flowers are starting to open.

After the Rain – Growth and Damage

Tomato seedlings need thinning under grow lights. It’s time to choose the best from each pot and cut the rest away.
Our volunteer tomatoes are already flowering. These will be yellow cherries.

Plant something – even if you simply broadcast a bunch of wildflower seeds in a patch of land. Let nature due the job for you, and enjoy the benefits.

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