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We're leaving a few purple artichokes to flower for the bees.

Wordless Wednesday: Sunshine and Clouds

Not all days are rosy in the garden, some days it’s a mix of sunshine and clouds. This week we celebrate the clouds (pests, failures) as much as the sunshine (successes and progress). If you’re feeling defeated, don’t give up. Gardening is about learning from failure more often than not. Dust off and try again. We’re in this together. Here’s some inspiration from our own successes and failures. 

Armyworm on basil
The armyworms have arrived. We found this one on the basil.
Stowells evergreen corn
Stowells evergreen corn is filling in. We’re checking the tips for armyworms here too. So far so good.
Strawberry eaten
The critters are having their way with the strawberries, even in the vertical tower.
Blackberries ripening
The blackberries are looking good so far. Should be an abundant year. The rats seem to leave them alone.
Volunteer zucchini
Volunteer zucchini is doing its thing. Some of them dropped off, but we’re not worried.
Platinum cucumbers
Cucumbers got a strong start this year. Fingers crossed for an abundant harvest.
Fish pepper leaves
Gotta love the variegated leaf of the Fish Pepper. So pretty with it’s creme patches. Yeah, it’s supposed to look like that. No failure here.
Black Russian tomato
What a surprise to find these Black Russian tomatoes already fruiting on the vine.
Apple blossoms are opening on the Fuji apple tree despite very few leaves. It’s time to put down manure or other high-nitrogen food to encourage leafy growth.
Peredovik oil seed sunflower – plant a ton, get one. We’re not giving up on sunflowers just yet. I mean, look at it. Could you?

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  1. Jeanne

    I love seeing all your pictures of plants that are “happening “ in your garden now. Surprises are always fun too! Thanks!
    I am beginning to harvest my garlic for the first time this year! What joy they give me after waiting so long , to see how big they are. Now I wait some more as the garlic needs to cure.
    I do like growing something that can last longer than a week . This garlic harvest should last many months .
    On another side, my onions bulbs are still small . So I am told that they are probably not the right onions for where I live!! So why are they selling them?

    1. Christy

      Hi Jeanne, it’s frustrating to see long day onions for sale in short day onion locations (and I imagine vice versa). I usually grow my onions from seed because nurseries rarely carry the right kind for my growing zone. Let the onions hang out over summer. They may end up bulbing up in the end. Good luck! And glad you like the photos.

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