You are currently viewing YouTube: Seeds Vs. Seedlings – What to Use, When?

YouTube: Seeds Vs. Seedlings – What to Use, When?

Our latest video is all about when to use seeds vs. seedlings in the garden. It was prompted by a question from a follower about whether it was best to plant root veggies from nursery seedlings or seeds, and what that timing should be.

Christy tackles the question for each plant family and offers suggestions for what to start from seed (direct sow), and when to buy nursery transplants or start your own indoors. There are a few determining factors. Let’s explore!

Seeds Vs. Seedlings – What To Use, When?

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Wordless Wednesday tomato seedlings
Tomato seedlings under grow lights. Soon we’ll thin to one per pot.


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Don’t let timing, skill, or your sense of adventure deter you from growing something this season. Whether you use seeds or nursery seedlings, make a plan to plant your favorites this spring.

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