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Wisteria is blooming late (for us) this season. The fragrance is intoxicating.

Wordless Wednesday: Blooming Like Crazy

Spring is blooming like crazy right now, with flowers, fruits, and vegetables filling the harvest basket from the winter garden. For those just getting started on the spring garden, and for those still awaiting last frost, here’s some inspiration to get you through.

Borage, calendula, poppies, and arugula are blooming like crazy at Gardenerd HQ.
The blood orange tree is blooming. It’s looking like a good year for citrus.
Winnetka purple artichokes are growing tall and soon will be big enough to harvest.
Nicotiana is towering over the garden beds with food for bees all around.
Blackberries have started to flower
Our very first pineapple harvest from tops planted a few years ago.
Mojito mint springs back to life after refreshing the pot this winter.
Potatoes pop up in our Greenstalk vertical garden. Use our discount code (GSGARDENERD) and our affiliate link to get a Greenstalk yourself this season.
Love-in-a-mist is volunteering all over the yard. The first bloom has opened.
Yarrow shares its bright yellow flowers along the pathway.
Jasmine is blooming like crazy on the porch
Mittens generously offers her belly to you as she rolls in the dirt.

If you are still waiting for last frost, here’s some helpful advice for:

Starting seeds indoors

Bed Prep (when soil is ready to work)

Garden planning

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