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Teri Speight and Black Flora

Podcast: Black Flora with Teri Speight

Teri Speight is back on the podcast this week. She spoke with us a few months ago about her book, The Urban Garden, which she co-authored with Kathy Jentz. Today we’re chatting about her other book, Black Flora.

Teri runs her gardening business, Cottage in the Court, and is the founder and president of the Jabali Amani Garden Collective, a garden club for predominately African American women. She’s also the Urban Gardening Chair and liaison to the National Butterfly Garden at the US Botanic Garden for National Garden Clubs Inc.

Teri Speight
Teri Speight, author of Black Flora and The Urban Garden.

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Teri Speight fall garden
Teri Speight’s garden in fall is heading toward rest.


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Some of the floral artists and farmers mentioned:

Check out – the group of Black specialty cut flower growers

Flowers Teri mentioned in our chat:

Grow some flowers in your garden to bring inside your house this season.

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