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Jose Ramirez in his orchard. Photo by Jason Armond_LA TImes

Podcast: Home Fruit Orcharding with Jose Ramirez

Our guest this week on the Podcast, Jose Ramirez, was featured recently in the LA Times for his home orchard. He transformed a weedy patch of land into a low-water, fruit-filled paradise in the heart of Los Angeles.

Jose is an elementary school teacher, artist, illustrator, and residential orchardist. He shares his tips for creating great soil, and growing tropical and sub-tropical fruits in dry SoCal.

Jose Ramirez Fruit Forest 2022
Jose’s artwork Fruit Forest, 2022, mixed media on canvas. It reflects his garden obsession.

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Jose Ramirez Before
At the beginning there was a lot of space. Note the wooden staircase/balcony in the background.


Find Jose’s artwork here

Read the LA Times article featuring Jose Ramirez here.

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Fruits mentioned in the conversation:

Mangos, avocados, jujube, sapodilla (Manilkara zapota), Jamaican strawberry, Surinam cherry, Acerola (Barbados cherry), Midknight Valencia orange, papaya, and guava.

Shade cloth – wrapped around the tree will keep birds away and prevent sunburn on fruits and branches.

Jose used Gardening for Geeks to help get started all those years ago.

Jose Ramirez Lower Plot
The forest before Jose took over the upper lot. The difference is stark. Compare to the staircase/balcony now.

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