You are currently viewing Podcast: Beekeeping Tips with Charlotte Ekker Wiggins
Charlotte and her bees, and her award-winning book.

Podcast: Beekeeping Tips with Charlotte Ekker Wiggins

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Charlotte Ekker Wiggins, a fellow beekeeper and writer. We chat about her ingenious beekeeping tips, as well as her tricks for gardening on a limestone hillside.

Charlotte is author of the award-winning book, The Beekeeper’s Diary, and several others. She’s also has done a TEDx talk on Why Bugs Matter. She’s chatting with us today from her home in Rolla, Missouri.

Charlotte and one of her 9+ hives.

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Resources for Charlotte Ekker Wiggins

Bees robbing another colony
Bees rob other colonies of honey unless you install a screen to prevent it. It narrows the entrance to make it more defensible.

Visit Charlotte Ekker Wiggins’s website, Home Sweet Bees, to learn more about beekeeping

Check out Charlotte’s other website about gardening at

Follow Charlotte on Instagram and Facebook

Thinking of starting a bee club? Get Charlotte’s other book on how to start a successful bee club

Listen to Charlotte’s TEDx talk here

Get your autographed copy of The Beekeeper’s Diaryabsolutely chock-full of helpful stuff I wish I’d had when I started beekeeping. Get the eBook version on Amazon here.

Formic – Charlotte’s preferred treatment for varroa mites

Coming in Spring 2023 – Charlotte’s new book, Bees Need Flowers

The summer apiary at Charlotte’s Bluebird Garden
winter beehive prep
Bluebird Gardens hives wrapped up for winter.

If you are considering taking up beekeeping, Charlotte’s book is a great place to start. I’ve you’ve been beekeeping for a while, you’ll still learn something from it. What’s your favorite beekeeping tip? Post it in the comments below.

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