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YouTube: Super Bloom Field Trip

Every year, I say I’m going to go see a Super Bloom in person. And every year, it doesn’t happen. Until now! We made a stop in the Antelope Valley on our way back from a trip to Joshua Tree, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon and we marveled at orange hillsides as far as the eye could see.

Watch our latest YouTube video for more information about this year’s super bloom. We also share other native plants you can spot when you go, and information on where to go visit!

Super Bloom Field Trip

Things you may see in addition to CA poppies out there in the fields:

Fiddleneck – green stems and yellow flowers unfurling in Fibonaci style

Goldfields – yellow daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers

Pigmy-leaved Lupines – small versions of regular lupines.

Rules of the Game

When you visit a site where natives are blooming in profusion, don’t trample the flowers. Stick to pathways and roadsides and use a zoom lens to capture the moment. Trampling damages plants before they’ve had a chance to make seeds for next year.

Look but don’t pick. Keep the flowers where you find them and enjoy them by taking pictures. Besides, poppies don’t make good cutting flowers. They wilt quickly and close up when out of direct sunlight.

Create a super bloom at home! Plant native flower seeds in your yard and watch them spread from year to year. We did that at Gardenerd HQ and look at it now!

Our very own superbloom is happening at Gardnenerd HQ. Poppies, nasturtiums, and calendula make up the bulk of the flowers in bloom.

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