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What's digging up your garden? We answer that question

YouTube: What’s Digging Up My Plants?

Our latest YouTube video explains why something is digging up your plants. Christy shares (from personal experience) the kind of disruptions that make gardeners despair, and how to prevent them from happening.

Watch this video for solutions to plant upheaval, and protect your garden from future marauders. We’ve got you covered.

What’s Digging Up My Plants?

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What's digging up your garden? These guys play a role.
Grubs play a role in this mystery.


Learn more about the difference between green/fig beetles and Japanese beetles here.

Read more information about grubs in the garden here

Cages you can use to keep plants protected

Find beneficial nematodes (Hb in particular) at Arbico Organics

If you find critters rifling through your garden, don’t despair. These tricks will help keep your garden protected, and prevent future attacks. Keep going!

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