You are currently viewing YouTube: What “Heirloom Tomato” Really Means

YouTube: What “Heirloom Tomato” Really Means

Me: What kind of tomato do you want to grow (meaning beefsteak, paste/plum, cherry, etc)? — Them: I want to grow the heirloom tomato. — I get this all the time. Let’s talk about what heirloom tomato really means.

Watch our latest video for the answer to that question, so you’ll know what to ask for when you’re looking for your next great tomato to grow.

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tomatoes galore
Grow crazy gorgeous tomatoes this spring/summer! Some are heirlooms, others are newer Open Pollinated varieties. Learn the difference in our latest video.

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Tomato blossoms
Get ready for tomato season!

Watch this video for some help with tomato terminology so you won’t be surprised when you’re shopping for tomato plants this season. Enjoy the process and branch out to try new varieties that you haven’t grown before. The options are endless!

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