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YouTube: Cool Tomatoes to Grow in 2020

We take a tour of TomatoMania at Tapia Brothers Farm Stand in Encino, CA this week for a look at the most beautiful, coolest tomatoes to grow in 2020. It’s like choosing a favorite child, but you know you have one. Maybe these will enter your good graces in the coming season.

With the impending lockdown from Coronavirus, we hardly need to make our point anymore: gardening equals self-reliance. Grow tomatoes this season and eat well all summer long.

Cool Tomatoes to Grow in 2020

Take a tour of TomatoMania at Tapia Brothers Farm Stand and see our new favorite tomatoes.


To find the tomatoes mentioned in this video (if you aren’t able to get to a TomatoMania event) check out these sources for seeds:

Thorburn’s Terra Cotta – one of William Woys Weaver’s seeds from the Roughwood Seed Collection

Blondkopfchen – Seed Savers Exchange has seeds for these beauties

Pork Chop – Another Brad Gates tomato

Lucky Tiger – Baker Creek offers seeds for this gorgeous tomato

Napa Rosé – we accidentally called it Napa Rose in the video. Get seeds from Wild Boar Farm

Hungarian Heart – Renaissance Farms has seeds

Dark Galaxy – Renaissance Farms has seeds

Hillbilly Potato Leaf – found at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Atomic Fusion – Get seeds from Wild Boar Farm

Get these cool tomatoes for your garden this spring. There’s still time to start seeds before last frost hits in many parts of the country. Be self-reliant and enjoy a full belly this summer.

Need more tomato ideas? Watch our video from last year’s TomatoMania outing here.

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  1. Philip

    Wow! That’s so cool. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as TomatoMania. Thanks for recording the video and showing all the different tomatoes there.

    1. Christy

      You’re welcome, Philip. TomatoMania is a treasure and a Must-Go event for gardenerds. Hope you can make it next time around (when Coronavirus is over).

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