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Mushrooms (not edible) are popping up in our wet soil at Gardenerd HQ.

Wordless Wednesday: Water, Water, Everywhere

You may have heard the news about California’s recent rain storms – it’s water, water, everywhere! Los Angeles usually gets between 9-15 inches of rain per year. In the past few days we’ve gotten 7 inches here at Gardenerd HQ. Luckily our soil sponge is top notch, so everything is percolating down into the ground. Here’s some inspiration for your week, whether it is a wet one or not.

Water, Water, Everywhere

The rain barrels are full and overflowing. We’ll use this to water the compost bins and garden beds in the dry weather.
Tree kale with water droplets is so photogenic.
Our container garden is flooded. Time to elevate these and clear the drainage holes.
The rain gauge says we got more than 4 inches of rain during this storm. The last one brought nearly 3 inches before I emptied it out.

Happy Garden Stuff

Stinging nettles are having a literal field day. Time to invite folks over to pick-your-own.
New potato sprouts emerge in the potato bed. Watch our video on how to plant them in raised beds.
Kohlrabi forms under its safety cage. We’ll harvest these in a couple weeks.
We tackled the blackberry pruning last week. Now it’s ready to bud and leaf out for spring.
Our semi-perennial green onions are providing nightly flavor to our meals. Just pick the green parts and leave the roots in the ground to reproduce.
Loquats are setting fruit on the tree. A great local fruit in sub-tropical areas.
Bok choy flowers add color to the garden and the bees love them.

“Despite all our accomplishments, we owe our existence to six inches of top soil and the fact that it rains.” Wise words attributed to Paul Harvey.

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