You are currently viewing YouTube: How to Plant Potatoes In Raised Beds for a Big Harvest
Grow potatoes in fall (in warm-winter climates) and spring everywhere.

YouTube: How to Plant Potatoes In Raised Beds for a Big Harvest

Our latest YouTube video helps you plant potatoes in raised beds for a big harvest. If you haven’t grown potatoes before, put it on your list of fun things to do.

Growing potatoes is easy, and with this guide you’ll start off right. Christy walks you through the process step by step and lends her knowledge to the task. You’ll learn some of our favorite tricks for growing potatoes successfully.

How to Grow Potatoes in Raised Beds for a Big Harvest

Learn to grow potatoes at home. It’s rewarding and the math is great.

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Potato harvest - plant potatoes for a delicious harvest like this.
Our potato harvest includes All Blue, Yukon Gold and Cranberry Red.

Resources – Plant Potatoes!

Learn how to sprout your own potatoes at home here

Our two part video on growing potatoes in pots:

What’s the difference between potatoes and sweet potatoes? Find out here

Read this when it’s time to harvest

Our favorite place to get seed potatoes for small gardens is Wood Prairie Farm – their Experimenter’s Special

Tri-colored potatoes make a beautiful pizza topping. Yes, potatoes on pizza. With tons of black pepper, rosemary and garlic. Grow your own and make this with the harvest! Click the link for instructions.

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