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Our green onions are starting to bolt. Some were stressed out and that causes it to happen early. We'll cut them down to allow regrowth.

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Is Near

Spring is near as we approach Daylight Saving Time, longer days, and sprouts poking out of the ground everywhere. Here’s some inspiration to keep you going until spring arrives where you live.

Spring is Near

Our pomegranate tree is leafing out. It won’t be long before the stone fruits join in.
Navel orange tree is sending out blossoms. Buds are swelling now, soon to open.
Jasmine is budding out. Soon its fragrance will fill the air.
A pot full of poppies welcomes visitors at the front door.
Our hens love pecking at leftover pumpkins from winter. We give them plenty of arugula when it bolts to seed as well.

New Life Is Here

Dill, seeded before the last rain, sprouts up in a raised bed.
Our tomato seeds are sprouting under grow lights. We re-seeded any that didn’t pop yet.

The Garden is Active

It’s stinging nettle season. Make soup, tea, stew, risotto, pasta, you name it! Find our recipes here.
Potatoes are growing through winter here in SoCal. Soon we’ll be harvesting the back row. Arugula flowers in the background. If you haven’t grown them, give it a try. Watch our video on how to plant them this spring.
Carrots, arugula and radishes are growing in the garden. Harvest time is still a ways off.

Spring is near, and the time to plan is here. If you need help planning your spring garden (or any seasonal vegetable garden in the future) join our online course, Plan Your Abundant Edible Garden now! You’ll have lifetime access for your future planning needs. Deadline to register is March 7, 2024. Happy gardening!

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