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Podcast: Biodynamics with Steven Wynbrandt

Our guest this week is the ever-enthusiastic evangelist about biodynamics, Steven Wynbrandt. He’s the founder of Wynbrandt Farms and Wynbrant Farms Biodynamic Compost. Steven teaches biodynamics around the world and puts his training into practice in his own garden in Los Angeles.

We met years ago at the beginning of his story, and his biodynamic compost business has taken off since. We chat about the basics of biodynamics, his composting process, and his new compost tea option for non-locals.

The early days when Steven was making LA’s finest compost at home.

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Steven Wynbrandt's Farm
Steven worked his back yard soil into a rich, biologically active farmland that produced thousands of pounds of produce each year.


Follow Steven’s adventures on his Facebook page here – Contact Steven through this page to purchase Instant Compost Tea or find where you can get it.

Follow Wynbrandt Farms on Instagram here

Some of the people and things Steven Wynbrandt talked about during the podcast:

Rudolf Steinerthe founder of Biodynamics. And his book The Agriculture Course.

Alan Chadwickone of the pioneers of combining Biodynamics and French Intensive methods to grow tons of food in small spaces.

John Jeavons’ book, How to Grow More Vegetables is the foundation of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method. (We talk about this a lot in our classes here at Gardenerd).

Some of the ingredients in biodynamic preparations:

Yarrow, Stinging nettles, Valerian, oak bark

Get preparations at the Josephine Porter Institute

Steven Wynbrandt Instant Compost Tea
Steven has launched a new instant compost tea for those who don’t live nearby.

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