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A Row 7 Purple Snow Pea peaks out from under its flower.

Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating Newness

The garden gives us a dose of “new” every time we plant seeds. This promise of newness leads us through winter; it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. This week, to inspire those still in deep snow, here is a glimpse of what’s new in the Gardenerd Test Garden. For those in warm-winter climates, this is your call to action to plant now!

Romanesco set a head even though the growth tip had been attacked by a rat. We need to pin the leaves closed over the head to prevent further discoloration.
MIGardener Blue Shelling Peas
It took 3 years of trying before these MIGardener Blue Shelling Peas finally were allowed to grow unimpeded. Never give up!
Tree kale sprouts
Our tree kale has new sprouts. We’ll train them up a stake for support.
Blackberry buds
Blackberries are budding out after pruning them a couple weeks ago.
Calendula flowers
Calendula is starting to put on a show as the flowers open in early morning.
Blood orange buds
All our citrus trees have new flowers forming. Time to pull off the old fruit!
Panache fig
This Panache fig is for a client, but we’re honestly hoping they decide not to take it.
Borage flowers
Borage volunteers all over the Gardenerd Test Garden. The flowers are just starting to open.
Garden Variety Village Well
Speaking of newness: a freshly signed copy of Garden Variety was spotted on the shelves at Village Well Books in Culver City, CA. Just sayin’.

Enjoy this transition time toward spring. Newness abounds. Take a moment each day to observe and appreciate it.

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