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Mittens keeps herself warm on a cold morning by the front door, while surveying her kingdom.

Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Spring

I’ve always said that winter is our spring here in Los Angeles, and the garden is bursting with signs of spring already. Here’s some inspiration to get you through whatever kind of winter you are having.

Soon we’ll plant seeds for tomatoes under grow lights, turn cover crops, and make big plans for another season. As the days get longer, hope returns, and with it the promise of fresh veggies from the garden.

New Life in the Garden

Pea flowers
Peas are just starting to flower. They have nearly reached the top of their trellis, and we look forward to seeing fruit soon.
nectarine buds
A nectarine tree is just beginning to bud. We moved it last year to a container from an in-ground spot that wasn’t working, and it grew an abundance of new branches. Maybe we’ll see fruit on this once suffering tree.
Minutina volunteers
I’m not sure why people say Minutina is rare. It’s volunteering all over the Gardenerd Test Garden. All in front of the compost bins. A little rain is all it took.
Tree kale recovering
Our tree kale recovered from last summer’s rat attack. Finally the leaves are full again. The chickens love these leaves.
Broccoli shoots
After harvesting the center stalk, broccoli sends up tender side shoots that we gobble up for a few weeks.
Monarch on a green onion
This Monarch sits on a green onion leaf. They made a late appearance in our garden this year.
young loquat
The loquat tree is full of young fruit. We have hope that we’ll harvest some of it ourselves.
Mache is one of those unusual greens we keep in the test garden. It’s ready to pick by leaf or whole plant.

Native Love

Manzanita in bloom
Right outside the front door, Manzanita is in bloom.
hummingbird sage
Hummingbird sage (as CA native) starts to blossom. It brightens our day to see it spill out onto the pathway.

Get Ready For Spring!

And for two last bits of inspiration…one for your brain and one for your soul:

Signs of spring are everywhere, whether it’s seed catalogs filling your mailbox, or sprouts popping up after the rain. Enjoy this time between seasons. Enjoy the harvest, and what is to come.

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