You are currently viewing Podcast: Tropical Fruits with Manju Kumar
Manju Kumar is always connected to plants.

Podcast: Tropical Fruits with Manju Kumar

Our guest this week is Manju Kumar of the Sarvodaya Institute. She shares her philosophy about gardening and her favorite sub-tropical and tropical fruits to grow.

Manju is the mother of one of our other recent guests, Rishi Kumar. Together they run the Sarvodaya Institute. Manju walks us through the farm and tells the story of how they turned barren land into a thriving farm while engaging the community.

Manju Kumar
Manju Kumar is always connected to plants.

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Sarvodaya Nursery
The nursery at Sarvodaya Institute has sub-tropical and tropical plants for sale by appointment.

Resources for Manju Kumar

Visit Sarvodaya Institute’s website to see the farm in action

Follow Manju on Instagram

Check out the nursery and all the great sub-tropical and tropical fruits they carry

Read up on the Pearl banana, named after Manju and a Sarvodaya exclusive.

Oh, and if you want a zero waste toothbrush, check this out

Want access to regular classes at Sarvodaya Institute? Become a member for a low monthly fee.

The farm at Sarvodaya Institute
The farm goes on forever at Sarvodaya Institute.

If you missed our podcast with Rishi Kumar, Manju’s son, listen to it here.

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