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All photos by Brittany App

Podcast: Water Stewardship with Brittany App

This week’s podcast guest is Brittany App, professional photographer and documentary filmmaker. Brittany is completing her film, Where There Once Was Water, which dives into the California drought and the quest for a sustainable future. Brittany has circumnavigated the globe by sea twice, and has biked across the United States to raise money for WaterAid. Besides that, her award-winning photography highlights her worldly travels. 

In this episode, we chat about the film, her decision to move off-grid, and about our human connection to water. Take a look at some of her stunning images below, then visit her site. 

Listen to the Podcast Here

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Carrizo Plains wildlife
Carrizo Plains wildlife (photo by Brittany App)


Visit Brittany’s photography website here

Watch the trailer for Where There Once Was Water

Follow Brittany’s adventures off-grid on her Instagram channel.

Learn more about Carrizo Plains National Monument, the largest remaining preserved grassland in California.

For Californians, find out where your water comes from here. Elsewhere, start with Map My Drinking Water.

CALCAN (California Climate & Agriculture Network) – provides grant money to farmers and ranchers transitioning to regenerative practices.

Jefferson Center for Holistic Management – is on of the Savory Institute’s hubs for learning transitional methods. (Savory Institute’s website was down at the time of this writing, or we’d post a link).

Tablas Creek Vinyard – the first Regenerative Organic Certified winery in America.

More of Photography from Brittany App

Where There Once Was Water
A shot from the film Where There Once Was Water.
Brittany's Ducks
Brittany’s ducks on her homestead.
Grazing sheep Brittany App
Grazing sheep on Brittany App’s property

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