Gray Water for Vegetables?

A forward-thinking gardenerd wrote in this week:

"I am considering a gray water system to use on a vegetable garden. Is this safe to do? If so, is it considered organic?"

My first thought was, no - it's not really safe to use, but it might be with the right system.  Then I took to the cyberspace waves and found a few bits of information:

In many states it is actually illegal to use gray water on vegetable gardens.  You should check with your municipal sewage service to see what laws apply where you live.

In states where gray water systems are legal, they ...

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Water sweet Water

A recent addition to the Gardenerd community asked:

"I am wondering what kind of water source is acceptable for organic vegetable gardening. Specifically, I am on a city water supply which contains chlorine and other additives. Should I try to find a garden hose filter (if these exist) or would it be better to use my reverse osmosis system indoors and carry the water to the garden?  Thanks for all your help."

This is a great question; thanks for writing in.  My opinion about filtering water for the garden is basically that if you can do it, all the ...

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