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David White of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture.

Podcast: Regenerative Techniques with David White

Our guest this week is David White of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture. He’s got a PhD in cell biology and uses compost tea and other regenerative practices to rebuild dead soils. He shares his tips for growing healthy soil in your garden.

David White
David White of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture.

David learned from Bill Mollison the founding principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and he has been implementing them in Ojai, CA at orchards, ranches, and school gardens. We chatted about his journey, his techniques, and some of his favorite flowers.

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David spraying compost tea
David White spraying actively aerated compost tea on fruit trees.


Visit Center for Regenerative Agriculture’s website here.

Learn more about David’s services in the Ventura county area at Regenerative Designs Ojai

Find teaching tools for regenerative gardening through Once Upon a Watershed

David mentioned Gabe Brown’s Soil Health Academy

Check out Allen Savory’s TED talk on reversing desertification using the techniques we discuss.

Explore the cover crop options at Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

Locals can visit Island Seed & Feed in Goleta, CA.

Learn more about ramial wood chips from Michael Phillips and read his books Mycorrhizal Planet and The Holistic Orchard (use these links to support Gardenerd with a few cents).

If you aren’t familiar with Bill Mollison and Permaculture, start here.

Watch this fun video with David brewing compost tea here.

Visit Lotusland Botanic Garden in Montecito, CA some day.

Find out more about John Liu’s Ecosystem Regeneration Camps here and visit one around the world.

David with Dr. Elaine Ingham
Read details about our adventure taking Dr. Ingham’s Soil Food Web course.
CSA harvest
The community benefits from David’s work through CSAs like this one.
Nitrogen Fixing Trees
Nitrogen fixing trees protect the avocado trees planted underneath.

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  1. Violette Kyse

    At one point Dr. White mentioned that over story leguminous trees helped the avocado trees through a heat wave. Is there a link to that information? I specifically wanted to know which types of trees were used. Thanks!

    1. Christy

      I will ask David if he has any documentation supporting this. In the meantime, here is an article about their benefits:

      Update: This from David White: In the photo taken at Hanuman Gardens in Ojai, “This orchard was terraced and Tipuana Tipu trees planted around avocados. In our hot spell in 2018 (over 115 degrees) commercial avocados got hit hard – lost their fruit and had serious die back. These avocados were protected by the overstory N fixing trees and had minimal losses by comparison (you can see some die back on the rhs)”

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