You are currently viewing Podcast: Tomato Troubles with Scott Daigre of TomatoMania
Christy with Scott Daigre, producer of TomatoMania.

Podcast: Tomato Troubles with Scott Daigre of TomatoMania

In our latest podcast we bring back Scott Daigre of TomatoMania for a mid-season check in on tomatoes. We chat about tomato troubles and how to manage them in your summer garden.

Tomatoes are fun to grow, but they can be tricky, especially some heirloom types. But their flavor and beauty is worth the effort. Scott and Christy share some of their favorites this season.

Tip of the Week Scott Daigre
Christy with Scott Daigre, producer of TomatoMania.

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Caprese salad
Caprese salad with burrata and home grown basil. Tomatoes featured include Lava Flow, PigletWillie’s French Black, and a Thorburn’s Terra Cotta that came out yellow.


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Soils mentioned in the podcast: Recipe 420 from E.B. Stone & Dr. Earth Potting Soil

Row cover – Scott’s choice instead of shade cloth for protecting tomatoes in the heat.


If you listened all the way to the end of the podcast, you heard a slight kerfuffle as Scott showed Christy a bowl of tomatoes during the outro. Here’s what she saw that made her stop short. The green/purple tomatoes are Brad’s Atomic Grape.

Scotts tomatoes
The bowl of tomatoes Scott showed Christy during the podcast.

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