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Randy Ritchie in his natural habitat.

Podcast: Malibu Composting with Randy Ritchie

Our guest this week is Randy Ritchie, co-founder, CEO, & director of Sales & Marketing for Malibu Compost. We talk about true organic gardening methods, how Malibu Compost came to be, and much more.

Randy went from being a landscape designer to making some of the world’s best biodynamic compost. He shares his story that began by rescuing one dairy cow from the slaughterhouse. 

Randy Ritchie
Randy Ritchie in his natural habitat.

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Bu at Malibu Compost
Bu’s first day after rescue as she stepped off the truck onto open farmland.


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Here are some of the things we talked about on the podcast:

EM1 – microbial inoculant, and Bokashi are beneficial to soils and boosting microbial life. Start your own Bokashi bucket.

Read Rudolph Steiner’s The Agriculture Course – a 7-lecture course on biodynamics at the beginning in 1924.

Cascade Mineralsif you want to remineralize your soil, this is what Randy recommends.

Alfalfa pellets use as an input for building compost piles, or make a mush for feeding plants directly.

Read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring – a long-ago foretelling of what is happening now on the planet.

Add beneficial nematodes to your soil before planting. Look for SC, HB, and SF nematodes for a triple threat.

Windrows Malibu
Windrows of compost hundreds of feet long. This turner ensures temperatures stay high and microbes stay active.

Listen to the Podcast Here

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