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The FBI stands for Fungi, Bacteria & Insects.

Podcast: Composting with Eric Werbalowsky

My guest this week is Eric Werbalowsky of Ventura Organic Garden Design. Eric is a permaculturist, edible landscaper designer, and award-winning compost master also known as Doctor Compost.

Eric spends his time engaging and empowering clients with their food, shelter, energy, and transportation systems to increase their quality of life, and decrease negative social & environmental impacts. We chat about composting and a whole bunch of other stuff in this week’s podcast.

Eric Werbalowsky
Eric Werbalowsky is an award-winning composter who teaches the skill to anyone who will listen.

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Eric Werbalowsky FBI
The FBI stands for Fungi, Bacteria & Insects.

Composting & Permaculture Resources

Follow Ventura Organic Garden Design on Facebook here

Follow Eric on Instagram here

Watch Eric’s composting class and get a page-load of composting how-to here.

Join the Ventucky Chicken page on Facebook

Find out more about sheet composting here

Read up on how to make great compost at home with active batch composting here.

People mentioned in the podcast:

Pascal Baudar – author of Wildcrafted Fermentation

Bill Mollison – of course, the co-creator of Permaculture Design

Books mentioned on the podcast:

Unsettling of America – Wendel Berry

One Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka, and the follow up Sowing Seeds in the Desert

The Power of Duck – an out of print book by Takeo Furuno. Available in Australia through Bill Mollison’s site.

Eric Verbalowsky compost pile
Eric standing in front of his work.

Get out there and compost, whether it’s in a bin, in a garden bed, or in a trench. Composting builds top soil, reduces carbon emissions, and if done right, can actually sequester carbon back in the soil. All good reasons to start composting today!

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  1. Jason Brock

    Thank you for documenting this. I’m posting links on @avantgardenventura Facebook page.

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