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The Monarchs are coming through every day. We've got milkweed for them (It's a non-native that we cut down in fall to prevent pathogens).

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Days of Summer

Technically the Dog Days of Summer end today, August 11th. Dog Days are supposed to be hot and sultry, but here at Gardenerd HQ it’s mostly hot and dry. So dry. Things are dying, it’s just that time of year. But there is still some beauty (and harvest) as we soon transition to fall crops. Here’s some inspiration to get you through.

Fish Pepper Harvest
Fish Peppers are a favorite around here. Beautiful, stripey, and spicy.
potato harvest
Four types of potatoes are ready to eat. We cured them on newspaper in the dark garage for a few weeks, then dusted them off for storage.
David King pesto
Time to make several batches of David King’s Pesto Madness Pesto. You’ll find the recipe in Gardening for Geeks.
Mystery pepper
A mystery seed packet labeled “Powder Green Pepper” turns out to be a bell. Surprise!
Fuji apple covered
We’ve covered the fruit on our Fuji apple tree with maggot barriers. It helps keep the rats at bay as well as apple maggots.
Downy mildew basil
Downy mildew has taken over some basil plants. Time to pull them.
Alfalfa for chickens
When there is less coming in from the garden, we grow alfalfa for the chickens to nibble on, since we have fewer scraps for them.
Lemon squash sprouts
We planted a round of Lemon squash – small yellow summer squash that will carry us through to fall.
wordless wednesday luffa flowering
Our luffa vine is about 4 years old, but still gives us a few gourds each year.
wordless wednesday cilantro
A quick sowing of cilantro in the spot where potatoes used to be. Keep it coming all summer long (we’ll add shade cloth soon).

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