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No Compost Bin? No Problem!

Today’s infograph comes from, where they’ve assembled a quick and easy guide for using your kitchen scraps in your garden without a compost bin. It’s an simple way to turn garden waste into garden gold without much effort through small batch composting.

Don’t have enough space for a bin (or two)? Try trench composting. Small amounts of kitchen waste is buried in trenches around the garden. Over time it breaks down to create rich soil for planting a few seasons from now. Just keep track of where you’ve buried scraps before, and soon you’ll have amended your whole garden with very little effort.

No compost Bin? No Problem!

compost in small batches
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Editor’s note: In regular composting it’s perfectly fine to compost rice, sawdust (no pressure-treated lumber), bread and small amounts of cooking oils. You can even compost milk and meat products if your pile is large enough and protected from scavengers. Always avoid weeds that have flowered or gone to seed in small composting operations, but young weeds are fine.

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