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Compost is the most important ingredient in spring bed prep.

YouTube Live: Best Compost Bin Setup

We received a request to share our composting operation here at Gardenerd HQ, and to discuss what is the best compost bin set up. In this 11-minutes YouTube Live video we do just that.

We talk tips about ideal location, the best bins (our favorite is no longer available), and the best tools for the job. We also cover the basics of composting (what ingredients you need), proper aeration and more. Come look behind the scenes and learn a thing or two.

Best Compost Bin Setup

We forgot to mention in the video that our bin set up is such that we build piles (or feed over time) in bin #1 closest to the camera. When the bin becomes full, we turn the contents into bin #2, and so on. Having 4 bins allows us to do cold composting (adding material slowly over time) and hot composting (Active Batch Thermal Composting) at the same time. We can monitor and turn Active Batch piles frequently while cold piles sit undisturbed.

UPDATE: Christy created a petition asking Target to bring back the BioStack. Sign it and share it with all your composting friends.

Sign the Petition to Bring Back the BioStack


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We hope you enjoy this tour of the Gardenerd HQ composting setup. Help us get to 10,000 subscribers this month by subscribing to the Gardenerd YouTube Channel. We’re so close!

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  1. Laura M.

    YES! Love this. You are amazing. Thank you Christy! Let’s reach out and “Write a review about a product or service associated with this BIOSTACK trademark. Or, contact the owner Target Brands, Inc. of the BIOSTACK trademark by filing a request to communicate with the Legal Correspondent for licensing, use, and/or questions related to the BIOSTACK trademark.”

    1. Christy

      Laura, I’m way ahead of you! I’ve started a petition to the Chairman and CEO of Target to bring back the BioStack. Please sign and share with every gardenerd and compost guru you know.

  2. Paula

    Hi Christy!
    Great video! I’ve been composting for 10 or 15 years and have my Biostack. Obviously, it is in sorry shape and things don’t quite stick together as well as they once did. I researched several years ago trying to find a replacement without success. I also have an Earth Machine which is a poor substitute. Have you knowledge of any prefab bin substitutes available that you’d recommend??? I got a quote from a handyman on making a two bin system which ran in the $900 range…a bit more than I wanted to spend…..

    1. Christy

      I wish I had a bin to recommend. The closest thing in size is one from Gardener’s Supply, but it doesn’t come apart like the Biostack. I’m honestly thinking of starting a petition to Target to get them to start making the unit again. I’ll bet I could get a few thousand signatures.

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