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Finished Citrus Salt, ready for gifts.

Making Citrus Salt

This holiday season we gave gifts from the garden, which came primarily from our citrus trees. Sunset Magazine featured an easy home made gift idea that struck a chord: citrus salt. Sprinkle it on salads, meats, and in soups to brighten flavors just before serving. Here’s how we did it.

Citrus salt ingredients
Citrus salt ingredients


Course salt mixed with lemon, lime and orange zest
Course salt mixed with lemon, lime and orange zest


  • Combine salt and citrus zest in a bowl and work with your fingers to incorporate.
  • Spread the mixture onto a baking sheet and leave overnight to dry.
  • Pour cured mixture into glass jars and use labels to decorate. Use within 2 months.

It’s really that easy. In fact, the hardest part personally was to create an orange salt label in Photoshop, since Sunset only provides a lime and lemon label.

Finished Citrus Salt, ready for gifts.
Finished Citrus Salt, ready for gifts. Each jar holds a little less than 1 cup.

So if you’re looking for a use for all that winter citrus, give this nifty idea a try.

How would you use this citrus salt? Post your suggestions here.

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  1. Kim Smith

    Sounds so simple and easy I believe I could make it. Thanks.

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  3. Christy

    Also, Pommes Frites and margaritas sound great too!

  4. Christy

    I’ve seen a recipe for basil preserved in salt. I think the process is a little more involved than this (more drying time and oven use, if I recall) but it should work. Salt was the great preservative of ancient times.

  5. Bibi

    Sounds a great idea for Margaritas!

    I’m going to try the lime salt on Pommes Frites, too.

    BTW: Can the same method be used to make Herb Salts? What are the most delicious? I had a Black Truffle Salt that was sublime!

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